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A high-security lock from a well-known brand adds the additional comfort of knowing that your home or office is secure. That's why Chuck's Lock & Safe Service deals with only the top brands in the lock industry and installs these in your property. Purchase a high-security lock from us and experience first-hand its amazing advantages!

  • Abloy Protec (Abloy 77AA keyway) is durable even in the harshest conditions

  • Schlage Primus (Primus level 1 Plus Keyway) can integrate with existing Schlage key systems

Hire us to install a high-security lock of the finest quality and brand in your property!

  • Provides pick and drill resistance, key control

  • Biaxial M3 Keyway

  • KeyMark X4 Keyway

  • Biaxial Z3 Keyway

  • KeyMark 7S Keyway

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Quality Key Control Services

Medeco High-Security Locks

Our company has plenty of experience when it comes to locks and safes in the Wisconsin Dells area. Let us come over to your residential or commercial property, inspect the security system in place, and suggest upgrades depending on your needs.

Over 35 years of securing properties in Wisconsin Dells

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